East Texas Veterans Alliance



The mission of the East Texas Veterans Alliance is to strengthen the network of community based resources for East Texas veterans, military, and their families.

100,000 VETERANSNearly 100,000 veterans call East Texas home!  When families, active duty military, and National Guard/Reserve members are added to that number, this under-recognized segment of the community reaches 250,000 people or 20% of the regional population. More telling is what the East Texas region does not have: a military installation with support services. But the East Texas Region does have organizations, institutions and people that revere those veterans, the military and their families, and strive to sustain an inclusive, dynamic community.


Based on the principles of the national Homeward Deployed Sea of Goodwill initiative and the national Points of Light Community Blueprint program supported by the Military Officers Association of America, the ETVA has designated seven focus areas to guide community involvement:  Education, Employment, Finances, Health, Housing, Legal and Transportation.


  • Strengthen Community
  • Maximize and secure resources
  • Grow the local economy


  • Connects veterans to existing organizations and agencies that provide resources for veterans and military families to thrive
  • Creates a Unified Veteran Voiceto educate and engage East Texas communities in understanding and supporting veterans and transitioning military
  • Facilitates collaboration among existing organizations and agencies to strengthen and maintain resources for veterans and military families  ​
  • Implements the veteran and military friendly projects and programs outlined in the Veteran and Military Growth Initiative, a 40-point community and economic development plan


Career Phase:
  • No Requirement
Discharges Allowed:
  • No Minimum Discharge
Military Branch:
  • No Requirement
Programs for Family Members:
Service Counties:
  • Cherokee
  • Gregg
  • Harrison
  • Henderson
  • Rains
  • Rusk
  • Smith
  • Upshur
  • Van Zandt
  • Wood
  • Panola
  • Camp
  • Marion
  • Anderson
Services Category:
  • Employ - Entrepreneurial
  • Vet Group - Veteran Association
VA Disability Rating Requirement:
  • No Disability Requirement
Vet Plus:
  • No Requirement