Morning Breathwork with Warrior Strong

Thursday, February 1st, 2024
1:30pm - 2:00pm
Cost to Attend Event

Although breathing comes naturally, did you know that most of the time we only take shallow breaths? Or do you catch yourself holding your breath? Breathing is a skill that can be improved with practice. The technique of focused breathing benefits our circulatory and nervous systems, but it is also proven to decrease stress and anxiety to promote overall better mental health. The VSN is excited to partner with the nonprofit organization Warrior Strong, which offers programs to those seeking community, exercise, mental health relief, and adaptive fitness and sports. This low-commitment class is only 30 minutes and is perfect for anyone wanting to try breathwork for the first time or set a mindfulness discipline.
Thursdays in Through Feb at 7:30 am CT (30 minutes)
Feb 1st
Feb 8th
Feb 15th
Feb 22nd
Feb 29th
To be eligible for this group you must be the spouse or partner of an active duty service member or post-service veteran, a caregiver or divorced spouse from a veteran or active duty service member, or an active duty service member or veteran.
Eligibility varies by session, so please check our Eventbrite page to see other social clubs that may interest you.

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