The Use of Psychedelics for Treatment of PTSD

Friday, June 14th, 2024
12:00am - 1:00am
Cost to Attend Event

The use of psychedelic drugs and marijuana for PTSD treatment has become more mainstream, as many veterans are now seeking this as a viable treatment option. Unfortunately, there is a darker side, due to those who choose to self-medicate and consume these substances without the help of a trained medical professional or in accordance with empirically validated treatment protocols. In honor of PTSD awareness month, we are excited to welcome Dr. Rudd Distinguished University Professor of Psychology and President Emeritus at the University of Memphis. Dr Rudd’s EmpowerEd seminar will address the following questions:

-Who should seek this treatment option?

-What treatments and medications are empirically supported?

-What are the benefits but also potential adverse effects?

-How does this treatment impact the family of the veteran and personal relationships?

-What are some common myths about the use of psychedelic drugs and marijuana for PTSD?

-What are some safe resources for treatment?

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