Austin Community College

The Austin Community College (ACC) District enrolls more than 44,000 credit students, with an additional 15,000 students enrolled in noncredit classes. ACC is the open door to higher education and training for Central Texas, offering 235 degrees and certificates plus a wide range of other educational choices that meet the needs of residents and employers in an eight-county service area.

ACC is the leading source of transfer students to the University of Texas-Austin and Texas State University-San Marcos, and the No. 1 choice for high school graduates and adults who enter college. A Unique Mission ACC provides educational programs and support services that produce the backbone of the local workforce—university transfer for students seeking bachelor’s degrees, workforce associate degrees and certificates for students seeking technical careers, foundation studies for students who are not yet college-ready, and Continuing Education for students seeking personal and professional development as well as Customized Training for employers. Achieving & Excelling Students come to ACC for a variety of reasons—to transfer to a university, directly enter the workforce, get a promotion, become college-ready, or just have fun and grow personally.

Below area few ways ACC recognizes student success. See the Student Success page for others.

  • Transfer students perform as well and often better than their peers at UT and Texas State.
  • Workforce graduates earn some of the highest licensure pass rates in Texas for Registered Nursing, Radiology, Emergency Medical Services, and Massage Therapy, among other programs.
  • Students taking the Certified Public Accounting (CPA) exam are routinely in the top 10 among Texas’ two-year and four-year colleges and universities.

Student Success Initiative

In 2009, the college launched the Student Success Initiative to assure the success rate continues to grow. ACC is committed to enhancing learning and success for all students regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, race, or socio-economic status. That means focusing on growing graduation and transfer rates, continuing to excel on licensure pass rates, and preserving the pipeline that produces students who are well-equipped for the workforce.

Campuses & Service Area Centers

Among the fastest growing community colleges in the nation, ACC has eight comprehensive campuses. In addition, the college offers classes, as space allows, at ACC centers that are strategically located in growing service area communities including Bastrop, Fredericksburg, Georgetown, Leander, Lockhart, Manor, Round Rock, and San Marcos.


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