Be There- Peer Support Call Line

We serve all Department of Defense (DOD) Active Duty, National Guard and Reserve personnel, and their direct family members. If Veterans/retirees or non-beneficiaries in a Service Member’s extended family call, counselors will help assess the level of stress and stabilize the current crisis, and then refer that person to the most appropriate resource (e.g., Vet Centers, VA hospitals, Military OneSource, or other community resources.) Moms, dads, or other family members who are not beneficiaries should call the DoD BeThere Peer Support Call and Outreach Center if it can help lead to increased resilience within the DoD family.

Spouses and children over the age of 18 can call at any time.  Children below the age of 18 can call if a parent is present and consents to the conversation.



Career Phase:
  • Active Duty or Deployed
Discharges Allowed:
Military Branch:
Programs for Family Members:
Service Counties:
  • Virtual - Online Only
Services Category:
  • MH - Peer Support
VA Disability Rating Requirement:
Vet Plus:
  • Combat Wounded