Our Mission: Our organization's mission is to provide free recreational activities and entertainment through summer camp style retreats for the families of fallen U.S. Military Soldiers. 

We are proudly partnered with Gold Star Family service centers such as Survivor Outreach Services and Scott & White Hospital. An established 501(c)(3), we have been fortunate and successfully running the organization since 2002. We also partner with Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors.

CampLIFE! provides a camp retreat for the families of fallen soldiers.  We host these families at no expense to them and the staff is made up entirely from volunteers.  We are operating at a rented facility or host facility that is unaffiliated with CampLIFE!, Inc.  We design our weekend around an entire family participating in traditional summer camp activities. 

A parent or guardian is required for the retreat, but adults will be able to do activities and get to know other families.  We are partnered with Survivor Outreach Services and Scott&White Hospital to ensure your security, trust and enjoyment during camp.  Feel free to contact a list of resources to find out more information about CampLIFE!, Inc. and we appreciate each and everyone of you! 



Career Phase:
Discharges Allowed:
Military Branch:
Programs for Family Members:
  • Surviving Spouse
  • Surviving Child
Service Counties:
  • Virtual - Online Only
Services Category:
  • MH - Death and Bereavement
  • MH - Youth & Family Services
  • Free - Therapeutic Retreat/Trip
VA Disability Rating Requirement:
Vet Plus: