Combat Helicopter Pilots Association

The Combat Helicopter Pilots Association (CHPA) was incorporated as a Non-Profit, 501 (c) 19 veterans organization in Washington, D.C. on 7 Jan 2005.

CHPA is dedicated to multiple goals.

  1. To organize and unify U.S. armed forces rotary wing aviators and crewmembers from all service branches who have flown helicopter combat missions in support of U.S.;
  2. To remember and honor our aviation comrades lost during helicopter combat operations;
  3. To conduct national and regional social activities;
  4. To conduct charitable activities related to the U.S. military helicopter community.

General membership is open to rated US military helicopter pilots who served in any armed force service branch at any rank during any declared war, undeclared conflict, police action, or other military event directed by the US government in which combat flight operations against an armed enemy force was an integral component in advancing US national interests.

In honor of those who paid the ultimate price in support of their country’s ideals, CHPA offers a Legacy membership to the immediate family of deceased member aviators, or to the immediate family of deceased aviators who otherwise would have qualified for membership.

Unlike many veterans organizations that focus on specific units or conflicts, CHPA is designed to encompass the entire spectrum of active duty, reserve, national guard, inactive reserve, retired, and honorably discharged pilots and air crew members who flew helicopter combat missions as members of US armed forces, regardless of military service branch. Because of this unique historical linkage, CHPA serves as a living legacy to the growing, vibrant community of aviators from all branches who share the exhilarating common bond of having flown helicopters into lethal combat environments across the illustrious span of U.S. military rotary wing history.


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