Custom Resource guides

TexVet initiative is offering free, customized resource guides to Military and Veteran caseworkers!

But TexVet- how does it work?


  1. Login
  2. Rate the organizations you want 4-5 stars
  3. Profit! (not profit, but really- that's it!)

Each time you log in after that, you will be taken immediately to your resource guide.

But TexVet- I need to print!

Need to print it? Just use the 'print' button in the browser- we've modified it so it will print out a beautiful guide, not an ugly website.

But TexVet- what happens when an organization changes their number or closes?

NO problem! This is why we reccommend printing a fresh guide each time. TexVet monitors the agencies in our listings, and updates them regularly to minimize stale numbers and programs.

But TexVet- my favorite organization isn't on your site.

Again, no problem. You can email us and we will add it to TexVet. Better yet, scan/send us a picture of the resource guide you keep on your desk, and we will import the whole thing!**organizations must meet TexVet's standards for listings- mostly not be seeking to profit from veterans.

But Texvet- my organization publishes a resource guide, and we'd like it online as its own guide.

We've got that covered too!The process for a public-facing resource guide is a little different, but still easy!

  1. Email us your guide
  2. ...
  3. Profit! (not really profit, but that's it)

Just like it took your organization time and effort to make your guide, so too will TexVet take time to import your guide, monitor the agencies in it, and publish it onto its own web page on TexVet. This page will be accessible to the public, and have a big, friendly 'print' button- just like the individual caseworker guides- that will print out as a leaflet, not a webpage.

But TexVet- why are you doing this?

  1.  It's our job to help veterans in Texas navigate to the help they need. By empowering veteran organizations, we are also helping vets.
  2. Duplication of effort- we hate it. We know that guides take weeks or months to produce, and they go bad quickly. A guide book printed today has a bad phone number tomorrow.
  3. Consolidation- 2,500 veterans/day visit TexVet. And they need the resources on your desk. We feel that getting a vet to ANY reputable VSO is the best path. You know the other good VSOs in your area, and you know they will take care of vets. Many more vets are seeking help online than are actually reaching out. The more resources available, the more likely they are to reach out.

There's got to be a catch.

Three really- but they aren't bad. 

  1. We'd like if you would let us keep your resource guide from now on. TexVet has been around for 10 years, we'll be here to take care of it.
  2. If you find us missing a resource, email us and let us know. Send us a text, take a picture with your phone... seriously however you want to tell us- we'll get it done. 
  3. Eventually we'd like to sign MOU's with the agencys who's resource pages we maintain (not the individual caseworker guides). This will help your agency show value in grant applications, and we will also be able to show a value/services delivered.

OK! Just Give Me My Guide! (email TexVet now!)


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