Jewish War Veterans (JWV)

Jewish War Veterans of the USA (JWV) is the voice of the Jewish serviceperson and friend to all veterans. Formed in New York in 1896 after the Spanish American War, the Jewish veteran group was known as the Hebrew Union Veterans Association. The union fought anti-Semitism in the Armed Forces and the general public. Seeking to prove that Jews do proudly serve and fight in the US Armed Forces, the union evolved with each war, eventually taking the name we know today – JWV. With over 120 years of service, JWV is the oldest, continuously operating Veteran Service Organization in the country.

JWV continues to live its mission – to preserve the Jewish American military legacy, to protect veteran rights, to spread Americanism, and to promote community – in 250 Posts across the nation and in Israel! Actions include:

•   VA Volunteering – In 2014, members volunteered nearly 40,000 hours at 84 VA facilities, brightening the lives of active duty servicepeople and veterans of all ages and backgrounds. •   Advocating for the rights and benefits of all veterans, regardless of religion. In fact, JWV Executive Director Herb Rosenbleeth is the President of The Military Coalition, a collective of all Veteran Service Organizations, which lobbies Congress on behalf of veterans. •   Founding The National Museum of American Jewish Military History, which displays and archives the stories and artifacts of Jewish military service. •   Working with JROTC, ROTC and military college programs to support, honor and recruit service people. •   Fostering Americanism – Posts partner with Boy Scouts of America and Girl Scouts of the USA, for patriotic instruction such as care of the US Flag. JWV’s National Commander recognizes nearly 100 Eagle Scout and Gold Award recipients each year.

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