Mental Health America of Greater Dallas


The mission of Mental Health America of Greater Dallas is to lead the community in improving mental health through advocacy and education.


We envision a community that understands mental illness and supports people with mental illness in reaching their potential; a community where effective and culturally relevant mental health services are available and accessible to people with mental health problems; and a community that values and supports preventive and educational programs that promote mental health.


Appropriate Care for Mental Illness: MHA believes that mental illnesses are medical illnesses that can be effectively treated. People with mental illness should have the same access to appropriate care as persons with any other illness.

Mental Health: MHA is committed to promoting mental health in the community. Mental health is defined as how people feel about themselves, how they relate to other people, and how they function in the community.

Diverse Community Involvement: MHA values the involvement of the community in efforts to fulfill its mission. MHA wants the message about mental illness and mental health to be spread by a broad-based group that reflects the community’s diversity and includes mental health consumers and their families.

Prevention: MHA is committed to focusing attention and resources on strategies that are preventive. This includes giving individuals skills and information about mental health and mental illness that will prevent future problems. Early identification of difficulties and services to high-risk groups are also part of the prevention effort.

Advocacy: MHA believes that monitoring and improving systems that provide treatment for people with mental illnesses are necessary to fulfill its mission.

Cooperation and Collaboration: Without compromising its role in advocacy, MHA will use its unique position to encourage cooperation and collaboration among diverse groups to address issues related to improving services for people with mental health problems.

Veterans Behavioral Health Initiative Program Manager, Robert Pechukas 713-523-8963


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