Military Impacted Schools Association

Military Impacted Schools Association (MISA) is a national organization of school superintendents.  Our mission is to serve school districts with a high concentration of military children. Formed in 1986 in Omaha, Nebraska, MISA works on funding, legislation, partnerships and programs for military families on the move.  MISA conducts workshops for educators and provides resources on connectedness, building resilience, military life, transition, and deployment. Education is an important quality of life program for military families.  MISA partners with the Department of Defense, National Military Family Association, and military leaders to ensure that all military children are afforded a quality education.  MISA works with local school districts and commanders to highlight best practices and partnerships that can further meet the needs of military families.


Career Phase:
Discharges Allowed:
Military Branch:
Programs for Family Members:
  • Military Child
Service Counties:
  • Virtual - Online Only
Services Category:
  • Ed - children pre K - 12
  • Mental Health
  • MH - Youth & Family Services
VA Disability Rating Requirement:
Vet Plus: