Military Museum of Texas

The mission of the Military Museum of Texas is to expand the knowledge, deepen the awareness, and provide a greater appreciation, to both visitors and local residents, of the dedication and sacrifice of those citizens of the State of Texas in the defense of liberty. This commemoration may be by service in any branch of the armed forces of the United States of America being the service active, reserve or National Guard. Our goals are to commemorate those who have served in any military unit where a portion of which was made up of citizens from the State of Texas, or those who have served in the military forces of the State of Texas. The Military Museum of Texas is a non-profit 501( c )(3) organization operating a museum in Harris County, Texas with principle interest focused on historical exhibits dedicated to the memory of those Texas citizens who have served in our nation’s armed forces.



The goal of the Museum is to keep alive the memory of the sacrifices and the heroic and valiant efforts of the soldiers of Texas in keeping our nation free. The Military Museum of Texas will perpetrate the memory of the lives sacrificed in defense of freedom and liberty and stand as a tribute to those who fought. The Museum’s themes are the collection and preservation of historical military artifacts, historical research, education, and the presentation to the public of the Museum’s collection.



The military Museum will provide a large area for static and diorama displays, act as a research facility with an online computer data base, and serve as a meeting and convention center for military organization from around the state. It is also the purpose of the Museum to collect, restore and preserve military memorabilia. In particular, vehicles, artillery field pieces, field equipment and other military support equipment for display in a manner commemorating all the wars and military engagements from World War II forward in which soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen of the United States fought. In cooperation with the Texas Historical Society, the Center for Military History, along with other armed forces resources points, the Museum has secured a number of military vehicles and aircraft for use in diorama and display construction. The Museum has worked with architects who understand the special requirements necessary in this particular building application. Particular concerns are the conversion of an existing facility and establishing outdoor displays and related features. Key Components essential to successful design center to the very core of a founding principle of the Museum. It is absolutely fundamental that the Museum facility for the disabled and to provide education experiences for students from a seven county area. The Need While there are many fine military museums located in the state, most are concerned with only one service, often with only a single unit. In our belief to provide the service level essential to complement the cosmopolitan population of our community, the Museum must provide an experience for all citizens regardless of race, creed or national origin. Beyond that, we need a comprehensive educational program to teach young people about the service and sacrifice of the citizens of Texas who fought in the cause of liberty. Since the creation of the All Volunteer Army, the gap between our nation’s soldiers and the general population has widened, as military service is no longer the universal experience it once was. The Persian Gulf conflict has awakened renewed interest in the military and there is no, more than ever, a need to provide accurate, comprehensive educational programs to preserve the memory of those who served before Operation Desert Storm. Many history books currently in use devote only small chapters to the global conflicts that shaped our world. There is even less emphasis on the personal dedication, pride and sacrifice of those who fought in those conflicts. />



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Holiday Closings: New Year's Day, Memorial Day (display assignments), Independence Day (display assignments), Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day


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