Office of Acquired Brain Injury Web-based Brain Injury Training Courses

Office of Acquired Brain Injury

Web-based Brain Injury Training Courses

The Office of Acquired Brain Injury offers two free accredited web-based instructional courses. They provide important information for public health workers, caregivers, social workers, survivors of brain injuries, law enforcement and others.

/>The Silent Epidemic-Brain Injury: Course # 1018174

Two continuing education units for social workers and licensed chemical dependency counselors are granted at the end of the training session. Participants will:

  • Gain understanding of consequences and challenges following brain injury.
  • Gain understanding of the impact on the individual and family.
  • Identify skills to assist individuals with brain injury.
  • Learn about available resources.

Brain Injury Awareness Training for 2-1-1 Call Center Specialists: Course # 1022747One continuing education unit is available for social workers and licensed chemical dependencycounselors. The training provides an overview of brain injury, observable signs and symptoms, effective communication skills and other information for successful interaction and />assistance.

  • Recognize common causes and symptoms of a brain injury.
  • Identify communication strategies when speaking with a person with cognitive problems.
  • Locate brain injury resources in Texas and nationally.

To take the courses go to New users must set up an account. (Employees of DARS, DSHS, DADS, DFPS and HHSC already have accounts.) After login, search for the course using the course numbers above.


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