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Team Red, White & Blue is a non-profit organization that brings athletes together. We are a veteran support organization whose mission is to enrich the lives of wounded veterans and their families. Ultimately, we aim to transform the way wounded veterans are reintegrated into society when they return from combat and exit their position in the Active Duty force or National Guard. More than two million servicemen and women have been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan since 9/11, and almost a third of these soldiers have been deployed more than once.

In a recent study of veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, up to 50 percent of respondents reported “some” to “extreme” difficulty in social functioning, productivity and community involvement. In fact, difficulty in social relations such as confiding in others and getting along with spouses, children and friends was common. One-third reported divorce, dangerous driving, increased substance abuse and increased anger control problems since deployment, and an estimated 40 percent screened positive for signs of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. These problems can be compounded by veterans’ feelings of isolation from no longer being part of a “unit” or team. Reintegration problems, if left untreated, could have devastating effects not only on the individuals but also on their families, communities and society as a whole. At the same time, almost all veterans surveyed expressed interest in services to help adjust to civilian life. That’s why we at Team Red, White & Blue (Team RWB) feel it’s our time – our turn – to give back.

We propose a different kind of veteran support, one that is rooted in a deep understanding and willingness to listen to veterans and their families, and aid in their reintegration into the society they fought so honorably to defend and protect. Our special community of athletes, advocates and concerned citizens (corporate, non-profit and individual) are all committed to serving those who have served our great nation. Together with wounded veterans and their families and friends, we will develop meaningful, one-on-one relationships that transcend traditional short-term fundraising efforts. Anyone can get involved by joining the team as an athlete, becoming an advocate, donating money, or by buying TWRB products from their website.

This organization is based out of New York, but holds several events across Texas, please visit their chapters page to find one near you!


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