Salvation Army - Austin - Emergency Housing

Offers two emergency shelters in Austin and also houses Veterans through the SSVF Program. They have group homes, emergency shelters, and transitional living centers that provide housing, food, and overnight lodging for varying amounts of time to those in need. In addition, they provide educational, counseling and vocational services to homeless, destitute individuals and families, and youth where family care is undesirable or unavailable. For those families with temporal needs, family service programs help families and needy individuals with emergency food, housing, and utility assistance. Salvation Army programs and services vary with local needs.


Career Phase:
Discharges Allowed:
Military Branch:
Programs for Family Members:
Service Counties:
  • Travis
Services Category:
  • Basic Needs
  • Basic - Emergency Funds
  • Basic - Food
  • Housing
  • Housing - Homeless Specific
VA Disability Rating Requirement:
Vet Plus: