Texas Network of Youth Services (TNOYS)

The Texas Network of Youth Services (TNOYS) is an organization of 60 nonprofit youth service agencies and private individuals who share the common goal of creating better options and improving available services for youth and families in crisis.  TNOYS provides sound leadership, high quality training and technical assistance, timely information, and critical support services that help professionals and agencies keep abreast of developments in a rapidly changing environment. Advocacy:  TNOYS advocates for funding, legislation, policies and programs that benefit youth and their families in at-risk situations, and the non-profit community-based agencies that serve them.  Members drive advocacy priorities and are active partners in advocacy efforts. Youth Development:  TNOYS promotes youth development and youth/adult partnerships at all levels.  Examples include a youth committee working in conjunction with the TNOYS Board, peer leaders at PEAKS Adventure Camp, youth development sections on the website, youth-adult trainings, and the “Youth In Action” project which involves youth in advocacy. Training Services:  TNOYS’ resources are devoted primarily to training and related services, including the annual TNOYS conference, PEAKS Adventure Camp, and a wide range of other training events that vary annually.   Trainings promote professional and leadership development at all levels, ranging from direct line staff to agency administrators, as well as youth leaders.  Several major ongoing training programs are provided by contract with state and federal programs serving youth. Peer Consultation:  TNOYS provides Technical Assistance (TA) and trains members and other resource people to serve as Peer Consultants - TA providers who assess program capacities and challenges and facilitate program development. Information Services:  TNOYS publishes a variety of newsletters for members and other target groups; offers a Resource Loan Library for members; provides a membership directory; researches and publishes information of interests to members, e.g. the Salary Survey; and assists members with individual information requests.


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