Texas Runaway Hotline

Who can contact the hotline?

Youth, parents, teachers, law enforcement, social workers, counselors, and other concerned adults can contact the hotline by phone, chat or text. If we aren't the hotline to help you, we will try to help you find an appropriate resource or community service.

How can the hotline help me?

We can talk with you about your problem, discuss your choices, and help you develop a sensible plan of action. We’re also available if you want someone who will just listen.

How much does it cost?

Our hotline services are always free. Most of the referrals found in our database are also low or no cost.

Who answers the hotline?

Trained staff and volunteers, dedicated to helping youth in crisis, answer all of our phone calls, texts, and chats.

How do I find information about becoming a hotline volunteer?

If you live in the Austin area, you can become a volunteer at the Texas Youth Hotline. Call 1-800-98-YOUTH to find out how you can help at-risk youth and their families in your community. You can also sign up online by clicking here.

Are the calls and chats confidential?

Yes. Whether you choose to contact us by phone, text, or chat, you are not required to share your name or address. We are not a reporting hotline and we are not associated with law enforcement.

What are the hotline hours?

You can call, chat, or text 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If all of our advocates are helping someone else, you may receive a message asking you to hold a moment.

Can hotline advocates give me telephone numbers for shelter, confidential pregnancy information, or other community services?

Yes. The comprehensive Hotline database contains more than 2,000 listings to community services throughout Texas.

Does the Texas Youth Hotline offer a confidential message service for runaways?

For 30 years, the Hotline has offered a free message service so runaways can communicate with their parents if they don't want to talk with them directly. Again, all calls are strictly confidential. Our goal is to promote communication between runaways and their families.

Is there a way to get a free ride home for a runaway?

Yes. Hotline staff and volunteers can put you in contact with "Operation Home Free," a free transportation service.

Will the call show up on my parents’ telephone bill?

Our number is toll-free, so it shouldn't show up on your home phone bill. However, if your cell phone plan includes usage details on your bill, our number may appear there if you call or text us. Also, our number may appear on your bill if you have a phone over the Internet. Please consider this when deciding how to contact us.


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