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The Texas Legislature has passed bills to allow military service members, veterans, and military spouses extra accommodations regarding their TBAE registration. Read on to learn more about these special accommodations available to those who serve, and to their spouses.

Accommodations for military service members (active duty)

Currently, Texas law provides for special accommodations available to military service members (current full-time military service in U.S. armed forces or state military forces; see below for full definition of “active duty”). A military service member who is a TBAE licensee is allowed two years of additional time to complete TBAE continuing education requirements.

Additionally, a military service member who is a registrant in good standing or was in good standing at the time the Registrant entered into military service is exempt from the payment of all fees during active duty service. This exemption continues through the remainder of the fiscal year during which the registrant's active duty status expires.

Accommodations for military service members and military veterans

If an applicant is a military service member or veteran, two considerations apply. First, any service, training, or education relevant to the regulated profession and earned during military service will be credited toward licensing requirements. And secondly, license application fees may be waived if military service, training, or education substantially meets all requirements of licensure.

Accommodations for military service members, military veterans, and military spouses


There are several special accommodations available not just to military service members and veterans, but to spouses as well. Those expanded opportunities include:


  • Eligibility for registration and waiver of application fees if the applicant holds an active license or registration in a jurisdiction with requirements substantially equivalent to those in Texas
  • Eligibility for registration if the applicant has held a Texas registration within the preceding five years
  • Expedited handling and issuance of license.

If you are a military service member, military veteran, or military spouse and any of the circumstances described above apply to you, simply give us a call at 512-305-9000 and we will walk you through the process.

Resources, notes, definitions

Senate Bill 807 Senate Bill 807 (2015)Senate Bill 1307 Senate Bill 1307 (2015), including helpful definitionsFee waiver request form Phone number for questions or assistance: 512-305-9000Email address for questions or assistance:


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