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The VetSuccess on Campus program is a collaborative effort between Austin Community College · (ACC) and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) with the purpose of providing a supportive, on-campus environment where student Veterans may gather to obtain assistance and peer support. The program assists student Veterans in making a smooth transition to college life and successfully completing their educational programs.

The VA has placed a full-time, experienced vocational counselor at ACC. This counselor can serve as a "one-stop liaison" for Veterans, active duty military, and their eligible family members who attend or plan to attend ACC.

Your VetSuccess on Campus Counselor can assist you with:

  • Information on VA education benefits to include the Montgomery G.I. Bill (Chapter 30), Post 9/11. G.I Bill (Chapter 33), and other VA and non-VA educational benefits
  • How to apply for and maximize your VA education benefits should you qualify for more than one benefit
  • Applying for Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (Chapter 31) services
  • Transition support services to include vocational exploration and career counseling
  • Information on college credit for military experience and training
  • Job placement assistance to include resume writing, translating military work experience and training, referrals to state, and other agencies for assistance
  • Information on applying for other VA benefits to include disability compensation, life insurance, Home Loan Guaranty, and others
  • Assistance with electing healthcare benefits through the Veterans Health Administration
  • Information and referrals for VA medical and mental health services
  • Referrals to the local Vet Center for readjustment counseling services
  • Referrals to on-campus, community, and VA resources to ensure academic success

Spring 2014 Office Hours: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. • Check in at the advising/counseling office on campus.

1st Tuesday and Wednesday • Northridge Campus

2nd Tuesday and Wednesday • Rio Grande Campus

3rd Tuesday and Wednesday • Riverside Campus

4th Tuesday and Wednesday • Cypress Creek Campus

Brad Robichaux M.S., CRC • Round Rock Campus • Monday, Thursday and Friday • • 512-223-0033


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  • Travis
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  • Education
  • Ed - Scholarships and Tuition Assistance
  • PH - VA Location
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