Veterans Court - Smith County

The Smith County Veterans Court’s mission is to successfully habilitate the Justice Involved Veteran by diverting them from the traditional criminal justice system (jail) and providing them with treatment and the tools they need to lead a productive and law-abiding lifestyle while improving mental health recovery and successful re-entry into the community.

Purpose and Duties:

The Smith County Veterans Court Program is a pre-trial diversion program for Veterans who are charged with non-violent misdemeanor offenses that may be related to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Substance Abuse Disorder (SUD), and Traumatic brain Injury (TBI) or other mental health problems resulting from their military service. The program may be six months to 24 months in duration.

Participants in this program will be given an evaluation for psychological, chemical dependency and other issues that can be addressed through various types of treatment and supportive services. The program offers veterans an opportunity to avoid prosecution and a criminal conviction.

The Smith County Veterans Court Coordinator in cooperation with the Veterans Affairs and Smith County District Attorney’s office will work with the Justice Involved Veteran to determine eligibility. Minimum eligibility is a veteran of active duty, National Guard, or Reserve Armed Forces with an honorable discharge, have service-connected PTSD, SUD, TBI or other mental health problems, and first time non-violent misdemeanor offense. Not all may be eligible or accepted into this program.

For more information on this program contact Michael Roark, Smith County Veteran Coordinator.

Michael Roark, Program Director  Andrea Odom, Court Coordinator 

210 E. FergusonTyler, Texas 75702Hours of Operation:8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.M - FPhone - (903) 590-2951Fax - (903) 526-5255


Career Phase:
  • Veterans
  • Retired Military
  • Transitioning Military
Discharges Allowed:
  • No Minimum Discharge
Military Branch:
  • No Requirement
Programs for Family Members:
Service Counties:
  • Smith
Services Category:
  • Legal-Criminal and Vet Courts
VA Disability Rating Requirement:
  • No Disability Requirement
Vet Plus:
  • No Requirement