Veterans Court - Williamson County



The mission of the Williamson County Veterans Treatment Court is to promote public safety and assist Veterans or current members of the U.S. armed forces through a collaborative, coordinated system of court supervised treatment that ensures accountability, while empowering Veterans to become integral and productive members of our community. 

In 2009, the State of Texas, with bipartisan support, enacted legislation which authorized the creation of Veterans Courts to help Veterans whose criminal charges were connected to their military service.  In 2015, Williamson County began a Veterans Court docket in County Court at Law 2.  The Williamson County Veterans Treatment Court will work collaboratively with the VA and other Veteran and community organizations to provide a program that utilizes evidenced-based best-practices that will help Veterans get back on track to being productive members of our community, while preventing reoffending and improving public safety. 

Veterans will be assessed by Veterans Affairs or local Mental Health Authority to determine if they qualify for disability compensation, pension, educational benefits, vocational, housing, employment, substance abuse counseling, mental health counseling, and/or medical services. Individualized treatment plans will be created to meet the Veterans needs and may include substance abuse and/or mental health treatment.

Veterans may receive support from fellow Veterans through the Military Veteran Peer Network.  Each Veteran will work with the MVPN Coordinator and be encouraged to connect with a Peer Mentor for support, encouragement and assistance in navigating VA and local services.


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Career Phase:
  • Veterans
  • Retired Military
Discharges Allowed:
  • Honorable
  • General Under Honorable
Military Branch:
  • No Requirement
Programs for Family Members:
Service Counties:
  • Williamson
Services Category:
  • Legal-Criminal and Vet Courts
VA Disability Rating Requirement:
  • No Disability Requirement
Vet Plus:
  • No Requirement