Veterans Non Profit

  1. Must be on active duty in any of the five branches of service; or be a veteran and have either a DD-214, (with a discharge that is not dishonorable,) or have a valid V.A. Identification card. We will also serve the surviving spouses of veterans or soldiers, provided they meet eligibility based on income, they have not remarried and they have documentation to prove they were married to the veteran/soldier.

  2. Must reside in Texas.

  3. Must have an income that is lower than 50% of A.M.I. Income will be calculated by multiplying income for the last month by twelve and the result must be lower than 50% of A.M.I.

  4. The amount of food provided is determined by the amount of inventory available in the food pantry, but in no case will we provide more than a one-week supply. Our assistance is intended to supplement not provide.

  5. Must have names and some form of ID for all members of household, with some documentation to verify this. (For children can be shot record, birth certificate, school registration, birth certificate or SS card.)

  6. Must certify that all information provided is true and correct by signature under a statement that falsifying information to receive service constitutes theft of services.

  7. Must not have used the Veterans Non Profit Veterans Food Pantry in the current month.

  8. Exceptions to these rules may be made, but must be approved by Three Board members or long-term volunteers. Justification for the exception must be documented in the client’s record.

  9. Without documentation of service status, (#1 above,) we will accept a letter, on letterhead stationary, provided by any professional who works with veterans for a period of 90 days to permit the veteran to obtain necessary documentation. Examples can include HVRP programs, housing programs, employment programs, V.A. personnel, etc.

  10. Distribution days are on Monday’s and Saturdays. If another agency is requesting that we dispense food to a veteran on an emergency basis, someone from that agency must be with the veteran at the food pantry.


Career Phase:
  • All/Any
Discharges Allowed:
  • Honorable
  • General Under Honorable
Military Branch:
  • No Requirement
Programs for Family Members:
Service Counties:
  • El Paso
Services Category:
  • Basic - Food
  • MH - Peer Support
VA Disability Rating Requirement:
  • No Disability Requirement
Vet Plus:
  • No Requirement