Our mission is to be the organization that Servicemembers, Veterans, Survivors their families seek first when pursuing their economic goals. More than creating financial solutions, we add the unique capability of enabling business partners to demonstrate their care and concern for America’s Veterans.

Our Programs

VeteransPlus programs were designed by Veterans and are delivered by Veterans to provide practical financial solutions geared to real life circumstances of current and former military personnel. Our counselors and educators have been where you are and they are dedicated to your success. In the often confusing atmosphere of stressful financial situations, our Veteran counselors can help break down communication barriers that might exist when Veterans discuss personnel finances with non Veterans. Upon request, VeteransPlus will substitute spouses and/or family of Veterans to support all situations. All counselors possess the necessary empathy to discuss real life experience with other Veteran and family members from their shared perspective.

VeteransPlus has two programs that deliver financial education and literacy:

Military and Veterans Family Outreach: Our outreach curriculum has been developed and approved by DoD to specifically address financial issues related to each phase of military deployment cycles and reintegration into civilian life. We understand that solid pre-deployment financial preparation can make a big difference when you return home. We also understand the financial challenges families face when a member is deployed and the value of trusted financial counseling during reintegration.

Outreach is conducted across the United States through financial workshops held at military installations or veteran events. Each workshop engages attendees with practical "Pen to Paper" exercises that will encourage all participants to understand the value of budgeting and financial literacy.

Once participants leave the workshop with step-by-step action plans to help implement what they have learned, VeteransPlus counselors are available by phone to help refine financial goals and provide follow-up until those goals are achieved.

One on One Personalized Phone Counseling: VeteransPlus works directly with veterans and active military members and their families over the phone with a personal touch; VeteransPlus Counselors Are Veterans. We stand ready to provide in depth understanding and new goals based on your personal situation. Whether you have attended an outreach event and require more help or you are calling for the first time, VeteransPlus can work with you to resolve most circumstances and look toward the future.

Veteran counselors, all of whom were honorably discharged from the Military, are available 24/7 & ready to help! VeteransPlus works with our nations Heroes on basic budgeting, credit management, debt management, goal setting, housing issues and how to avoid predatory lending. VeteransPlus staffs licensed and certified Veteran financial educators and counselors who are ready to answer the call on your current situation. Since our counselors are Veterans or family members of someone who has served, they understand the situations that military life brings. VeteransPlus has counseled nearly 150,000 military families in the last 5 years and that assures you the leadership financial wellness you deserve.  With financial wellness as the target, VeteransPlus is available at pre-deployment to help you get your personal finances READY, during deployment to sharpen your AIM, and after deployment to help insure you have the financial FIRE-power necessary to afford the life you have fought to defend.

Additionally, we work in partnership with other military and veteran focused nonprofits through the Yellow Ribbon Registry Network to support the mission's of our partners and meet the needs of our client's. When heroes reach out to nonprofit organizations for financial aid, our counselors step-in to provide financial assessments, education and follow-up counseling to ensure recovery and lasting positive outcomes.

What does it cost to join VeteransPlus?

Nothing! There is no cost to join VeteransPlus. All of our services are provided free of charge to qualified members. There is nothing for sale. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational and charitable organization. Our men and women have already paid the price of assistance.

Do I qualify to become a VeteransPlus member?

Are you a Service member of the U.S. military, including Coast Guard or Reserves, Veteran, or a Survivor?

If you served or are currently serving in any branch of the military, you are welcome to join VeteransPlus!

Is a member of your family currently serving in the military or a Veteran? 

If a member of your family, including a spouse, son or daughter, mother or father, brother or sister, is currently serving in the military or is a Veteran, you are welcome to join VeteransPlus!



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  • Basic - Financial Counseling
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